SkyBridge Capital of Anthony Scaramucci Planning to Launch the NFT Platform Flatter

Sahaj  |  Sep 14, 2021

Hedge fund SkyBridge Capital, run by former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci, is getting into the NFT game with its Flatter platform. The company made an announcement regarding the upcoming platform during the 2021 SALT Conference in New York City.

SkyBridge Capital of Anthony Scaramucci Getting into NFT Game

SkyBridge Capital released a statement mentioning the launch of the NFT platform Flatter and revealed that it will bring combine philanthropy with sought-after collectibles. In accordance with the press release shared, Scaramucci said:

“I’ve always wanted to be at the forefront of technological innovation, and this platform gives us an opportunity to make NFTs tangible by pairing them with one-of-a-kind collectibles and experiences.” 

As for the collection, it will be featuring two different NFTs at the launch, out of which the first one represents 140 real-world bottles of rare and expensive whiskey with the portrait of Scaramucci on them. 

It has been revealed that the bottles will be sold in three blocks, the first block is going to be sold for one Ethereum each, the second at 1.25 ETH, and the third at 1.5 ETH.

The owner of the NFT will grant the buyers tickets to SALT 2022 and a pair of seats at a VIP dinner and a segment of the proceeds from the sale will go to fund the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee. 

Second Package Available from Flatter Features NFT SALT Tickets

The second package available from Flatter features NFT SALT tickets with the logo of the company embellished as a salt shaker.

Mentioning the introduction of the new concept, Scaramucci said:

“I’m excited to introduce this new concept and to tie the first two pieces to the SALT conference, which was itself groundbreaking when first launched in 2009.”

Along with this, SkyBridge plans to move into sports memorabilia in the month of October, after the SALT NFTs sale.

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