Spanish Football Club Used Crypto to Buy Football Player David Barral

Jafrin  |  Jan 19, 2021

Spain’s DUX Internacional de Madrid has become the first-ever football club to use cryptocurrency to buy a new player, David Barral. The player, David Barral is a former football player of Real Madrid. He moved to his new club after Criptan, the new club sponsor facilitated the acquisition. Criptan is a cryptocurrency trading company that is registered in Valencia, Spain.

Spanish Football Club Used Crypto to Buy David Barral

Earlier this week, a Spanish football newspaper reported that David Barral completed his transfer to the Segunda División B (Spain’s third division) team DUX Internacional de Madrid in a deal financed entirely by crypto. However, the size of the deal remains undisclosed, also the type of crypto asset used in the deal.

Furthermore, the news report also detailed Barral’s football journey prior to joining Dux International de Madrid.  In addition to playing for Real Madrid, Barral also played for four other sides, which are namely Granada, Cádiz, Levante, and Sporting. He started his career with Los Blancos, where he made more than 50 appearances for the club's reserve side. He later went on to play for Sporting Gijon, Levante with most recently, Racing Santander.

During his stint as a player in the Spanish’s top division, Barral played a total of 221 games and 60 when he played in the second division. In total, Barral scored 53 goals, 46 when playing for Sporting, and 7 when playing for Racing.

Speculations Arise if Barral Could Charge Crypto Payments

Barral's move to a new club comes from the new collaboration between the club and sponsors Criptan, a Spanish platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

Meanwhile, Barral’s crypto financed move created debates on various social media platforms. For instance, some users speculated that if Barral could also charge or receive payments in crypto. However, others were satisfied with the way the player’s acquisition was carried out.

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