Super App of China, WeChat Bans Searches for Crypto Exchanges Such as Huobi and Binance

Sahaj  |  Oct 13, 2021

Famous blogger, Colin Wu, has recently revealed that the super app of China, WeChat, has reportedly banned searches for Huobi, Binance, and other crypto exchanges. Following the declaration by China that foreign exchanges won’t be able to serve residents from mainland China in the month of September, trading platforms prohibited Chinese users to trade on their platform. 

WeChat of China Bans Crypto Exchanges Related Searches

As revealed, Huobi will be retiring all of its Chinese users by the end of this year. Leon Li, the Founder of Huobi, recently explained that the exchange will be leaving China due to the crackdown. 

In addition to this, it should be noted that back in the month of July, Huobi also dissolved its Beijing entity that was constructed back in the year 2013. Also in June, Baidu along with other popular search engines banned searches related to crypto exchanges.

The internal firewall of China began blocking access to the two most popular cryptocurrency websites, CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, in the month of September. As per the data revealed from the search results on, the internet firewall of China, TradingView, along with the other two websites were 100% blocked.

Blockchain Advocates Appreciates China’s Exclusion from Crypto World

Moreover, as per the information revealed by the official Twitter account of Colin Wu, ‘Wu Blockchain,’ almost all the websites and applications based in mainland China have either blocked or will be blocking searches related to cryptocurrency exchanges like Huobi and Binance.

Well, as witnessed in the replies section of the post shared by Colin Wu, the advocates of blockchain and critics of China, consumed it as a piece of good news and appreciated the fact that cryptocurrency is getting rid of China for good. 

Also, a lot of comments were suggesting this news as a Fud and did not seem to believe in the negativity.

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