TeraBlock Allies With Binance Cloud to Address Potential Issues

Divya  |  Jul 2, 2021

Automated crypto trading platform TeraBlock has partnered with Binance Cloud, a blockchain infrastructure provider, to address potential issues with security and liquidity. The agreement will bolster TeraBlock’s efforts to provide a seamless experience for both inexperienced and expert crypto traders.

TeraBlock to Leverage Binance Cloud Infrastructure 

The importance of security and liquidity cannot be overstated in the case of crypto exchanges. Too often, new services lose customers to cyberattacks that steal millions of dollars in client funds. This has also been corroborated by a BDC Consulting survey that found 70 percent of traders were hesitant to deal with exchanges that were attacked by hackers in the past. The same survey also revealed that 34 percent of traders examined the liquidity of a trading platform before opting for it.

The alliance between TeraBlock and Binance Cloud will enable the former to strengthen its security infrastructure, while not having to worry about its outstanding liquidity.

TeraBlock’s CEO Shivam Tandon is ecstatic about the partnership, which he feels will enrich his company’s platform. While explaining the benefits of allying with Binance Cloud, he said, “After announcing the successful completion of our recently conducted IDO on BSCPAD, our users will benefit directly from the Binance Cloud partnership. The upcoming TeraBlock exchange, powered by Binance Cloud, enables our users to experience the better trading depth, security, and transaction speed.”

Notably, TeraBlock raised $2.94 million in funding from its $TBC Token initial DEX offering(IDO) on BSCPad in May. And before this, the company organized a round of successful funding with 24 institutional investors that added $2.4 million to its account.

Binance Cloud is a Complete Solution for Technology Needs

Following the agreement, Binance Cloud is expected to take over user registrations, security, technology development, and maintenance on TeraBlock. Additionally, the infrastructure provider will also use its services to safeguard customer transactions on TeraBlock’s platform. 

Binance Cloud is a trusted open platform that helps crypto exchanges launch quickly via turnkey solutions. Its core functionalities are identical to Binance exchange and it brings the market depth, security systems, and liquidity of Binance to digital trading platforms like TeraBlock.

Clearly, the partnership between Binance Cloud and TeraBlock will provide crypto investors with a one-stop solution for all their crypto trading needs minus the hassles of liquidity issues and security breaches.

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