The ‘Wild West’ as The Highly Popular MacGyver NFT Developers on Cardano

Sahaj  |  Apr 3, 2021

Wild West, as even without the presence of smart contract service, the Cardano developers MacGyver have discovered methods to extract and sell NFT collectibles. Intrepid Cardano developers have recently discovered ways to extract bootleg NFT.

Wild West as MacGyver Cardano Developers Mints NFT

Regardless of the absence of the functional smart contracts on the layer-one, the MacGyver ADA Developers managed to hack together the was to mint bootleg NFTs. These demonstrations in hosting distinct data on the blockchain are evocative of the pre-ERC-721 standard era for ETH.

In addition to this, they have proven to be largely popular with the token drops customarily selling out.

Moreover, a staking pool operator for Cardano, ADA Technology Management recently revealed in a post shared on Reddit what asserted to be 2 NFT images they’d extracted on the chain. The company said in the thread that they were having plans to offer NFT extracting as a service to pool ambassadors.

However, the so-called NFTs come with a number of admonitions the reason behind it is ADA not yet extending support for smart contracts or having an NFT token standard, in order to develop a token users extract an original token 1-of-1 native token.

The self-described brains behind a Cardano-native collectibles project and the author of a Cardano Improvement Proposal to inaugurate a Cardano NFT metadata standard, Alessandro, released a statement that said:

“Tokens on Cardano are native and are on the same level as ADA. Instead of smart contracts, so-called "minting policies" control the flow of a certain token group. NFTs are basically tokens on Cardano with a quantity of 1.”

The popularity of NFTs

The non-fungible tokens have proven to be largely popular with the consumers regardless of the extra bands that developers have to jump through to develop them.

In accordance with the data shared by Alessandro, SpaceBudz recently sold out all 10K NFTs in just a matter of 3 days at a cost of 50 ADA per. In addition to this, there is already an anxious secondary market where specifically rare SpaceBudz have sold for $40K.

A member of CardanoKidz, Zac said:

“We can’t wait for smart contracts to arrive for more functionality but we had JUST enough tools and experience to make NFTs work on Cardano.” 

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