TradeLens Onboards Major Turkish Terminal To Its Platform

Vandana  |  Aug 19, 2020

TradeLens, a blockchain shipping platform by Maersk and IBM, just received YILPORT Holding as its new global partner. YILPORT Holding is a major international terminals operator based in Turkey, which is operating 28 terminals across 11 countries. 

TradeLens was specially developed for containerized freight and logistics, back in April 2018, which is more than two years. The firm has been providing open APIs which help to track and share the supply chain data using permissioned blockchain.

TradeLens will allow terminal operators to access data flows

This integration between TradeLens and YILPORT Holding will allow the terminal operators to have access to the data flows. This will help the firm for the efficient management of the assets. It is specified that six main messages will be operational in data exchanges, which are supported by API. These messages will include, “gate in, gate out, vessel load, vessel discharge, actual load date list, and actual discharge date list”.

All the data related to the container shipping will be made accessible to different stakeholders through TradeLens across the complete supply chain. This supply chain includes agencies, shippers, port operators, financial service providers, and customs authorities. This blockchain shipping platform is able to coordinate with different government agencies and customs authorities across the world. 

Deployment of blockchain-based solutions for supply chains

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, blockchain technology emerged as a key tool for different enterprises and sectors across the world. The World Economic Forum has published a report regarding the deployment of blockchain technology in supply chains. Along with this, the blockchain deployment toolkit is designed by the World Economic Forum. The major purpose of this toolkit is to assist both governments and enterprises in using blockchain-based solutions for their supply chains. This will help them to adapt to the current economic climate that is going around across the world.

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