Twetch Launched a Streamline P2P Payments Feature
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Twetch Launched a Streamline P2P Payments Feature

April 8, 2020      Vandana Malik

Twetch, a social media application which has been powered by bitcoin SV has launched the latest feature recently. The feature is to basically streamline peer-to-peer payments which is also called P2P payments.

Twetch is a bit different from other social media platforms out there. Here the users will have to make certain payments to operate the platform, get engaged with the content or post anything. Although these are very micropayments it is not absolutely free. Here the users who are making content and posting on the platform will get their payments directly.

The payment will be done via a revenue-sharing system and these payments will be completely based on the engagement that is likes and shares on post.

Twetch payments transfers are publicly validated 

All the payments that have been done on the Twetch platform are publicly validated. The users also get some payment when they tag anybody on the platform. It is not only the P2P payments feature that Twetch is trying it hands-on as it is also coming up with a lot of new things. The platform has also implemented a read API feature which will simply help to create Twetch clients. With this feature, different developers will be able to create customized clients. There will be an advanced search feature also but the users will have to do some minimal payment to use this feature.

Users will have full control over data 

Twetch also gives full control to the users over the data and the whole platform content. To avail this facility, the users will have to write the whole data or content on Bitcoin SV.

Josh Petty, CEO of Twetch has claimed that the main purpose of the platform is to publish and view all the information that is available on SV. He has also said that the people using this platform will stay away from the fake news publish.

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Vandana Malik
Vandana Malik

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