Vitalik Buterin Proposes to Remove Gas Refunds From Ethereum

Sahaj  |  Mar 1, 2021

Vitalik Buterin, the Co-Creator of Ethereum has recently posted a proposal to remove gas refunds in the London update of Blockchain. Buterin shared a proposal this week titled EIP-3298 on Ethereum’s Github page suggesting the removal of gas refunds for the “STORE” and “SELFDESTRUCT” functions.

Ethereum Co-Creator Vitalik Buterin Proposes Gas Refunds Removal

Presently, Ethereum users are allowed to store gas inside smart contracts using the SSTORE function. The usage of SELFDESTRUCT to destroy a smart contract will enable the usage of gas stored inside contracts to cover the cost of transactions in times of high gas prices.

Though the gas tokens can be useful for adjudicating the gas price, there are some considerations suggesting that the gas refunds contribute to state bloat. The reason behind this thought is the addition of contracts to Ethereum nodes in surplus when the prices of gas are low.

Nick Chong, a ParaFi Capital investor recently explained the impact of EIP-3298 on the network. Arguing that the proposal might be the factor, he noted in the shared tweet the price of another gas token, GST2, and the plunging in the price of CHI this weekend. 

However, if the proposal is passed, then it will be included in the London update of Ethereum, which was scheduled for sometime in the summer. Without the refund function in action, the gas tokens like GST2 and CHI would come to an end as they would serve no purpose without it.

Gas Issues of Ethereum

The proposal of the removal of Gas Refunds from Ethereum has come amid the major troubles related to gas. Moreover, the usage fee for this network touched an all-time high earlier this month, 1000 gwei, for the normal Uniswap trade.

Changpeng Zhao, the Founder of Binance said in reference to the gas fees of Ethereum:

“ETH is a network for the rich guys now, but soon those guys will be poor.” 

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