Warren Buffett Receives More Criticism From RT Kaiser

Zain  |  Jun 8, 2020

RT Max Keiser has fired shots at Warren Buffett, the fourth richest man and far from a bitcoin digger, by putting out a bunch of tweets explaining that Robin Hood users have taken control over his money.

RobinHood is a US-based brokerage which charges no extra fees and it has been a huge success. It raised its value to $8.3 billion after a series D funding which cultivated $280 million. Business Insider reveals that the suffering airline stocks were the primary choice of RobinHood users during the month of May. So much so, that American Airlines shares are now owned by 50% of its users. This came as a result of Warren Buffett selling off all the stocks of Berkshire Hathaway, just a month prior fearing that there's no way back to recovery from the pandemic. RT kaiser also believed that the profits generated through all this has been put to use to buy bitcoin.

The move by Warren Buffett was considered baffling and even the US President Donald Trump chipped in with criticism saying that he has made a blunder by choosing to not stay involved in the airline business.

Warren Buffett Has Been Vocal With His Hate 

The billionaire is not held in high regard by the crypto community for his continuous dismissal and onslaught of the top cryptocurrency Bitcoin. He famously labelled it as a rat poison in 2018. Kaiser also has taken jibes at him previously stating that he has lost all his credibility by bashing bitcoin which has been apparently the best performing asset of the last decade.



Buffett killed his reputation by being stupid about BTC

Warren Buffett has reiterated his despise time and time again even after the famous dinner with Justin Sun, the Co-founder of Tron, who tried his bit in convincing him.  The famous author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki also fired shot at the millionaire for bashing bitcoin and even gold. Many believe his thoughts are outdated.

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