Widely Followed Analyst ‘Credible Crypto’ Says XRP Will Recuperate Top 3 Spot

Sahaj  |  Apr 6, 2021

Credible Crypto, a widely followed crypto analyst, has recently revealed that he is convinced that XRP will reclaim its position in the top 3 spots after breaking its resistance level. In his recent tweet, the analyst seemed convinced to his 146,400 followers that XRP will be the third-largest cryptocurrency after breaking the $1 level.

Credible Crypto Says, XRP Will be in the List of Top 3 Soon

The analyst said:

“Red resistance region cleared, backtested nicely on the daily, looks good to go. XRP you are cleared for takeoff.”

Talking about the effect of the tweet, XRP witnessed a high rally that launched the native asset of Ripple to a 3-year-high price of $1.04.

Amid the heavy breakout, XRP now possesses the momentum to step over DOT, BNB, and USDT, to become the third-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

Credible said revealing the pace at which Ripple was shooting:

“Lol just watch how quickly XRP makes it back to the top 3.”

Possibility of Ripple’s Native Coin to Beat ETH

Taking his prediction a bit further, the crypto analyst said that XRP has the potential to propel ETH as the second-largest cryptocurrency in the world.

Well, for Credible Crypto’s prediction to come true, the price of the native currency of Ripple needs to surge over 45% in order to beat the market capitalization of the current third-largest crypto asset, BNB.

In addition to this, to beat the market capitalization of ETH, the price of XRP needs to rise by at least 526%.

At the time of writing this piece of news, the cryptocurrency is being traded at $1.06 and regains the fourth position. Moreover, the digital asset’s market cap has surged from $4 billion on April 4 to $26 billion on April 5 to stand currently at $43 billion.

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