Yield Farming Ecosystem DYP Launched Staking Pools on Binance Smart Chain

Sahaj  |  Apr 13, 2021

An easy-to-use yield farming ecosystem, DeFi Yield Protocol DYP has recently launched staking pools on Binance Smart Chain. All instruments for the farming of multiple assets are amalgamated into the decentralized tool’s dashboard within the Defi Protocol.

Yield Farming Ecosystem DYP Introduces Staking Pools on Binance Smart Chain

Besides an advanced consumer experience, it affects an interest in DeFi Yield Protocol, a native core asset of the DYP. In accordance with a statement by the project team, with DeFi protocol Tool’s amalgamation, DeFi Yield Protocol will advance into a one-stop hub for DeFi protocols.

Devs from DYP decided to be introduced on Binance Smart Chain after the success of the version based on Ethereum.

DYP liquidity providers have gained over 7000 Ethers in total that are equivalent to $14 million during the first three months of staking dApp activation. This spike is nowhere near an end as net Yield Protocol liquidity on UNI surpasses $19 million at the moment.

Meanwhile, due to the really high ETH charges, the dealings costs at Uniswap freaked out. As a result, to decrease the expenses for the community, DeFi Yield Protocol, introduced a version based on BSC. 

Migration between BSC DYP and ERC-20 token is arranged through a seamless bridge.

$510 Already Added to PancakeSwap 

A forerunner DEX based on BSC, Initial liquidity injection to PancakeSwap surpassed half a million dollars. Three lucidity pools are activated: DYP/ETH, DYP/BNB, and DYP/BUSD, as a result of which the consumers can obtain rewards in Binance Coins, Ethers, and DeFi Yield Protocol tokens.

Defi Yield Protocol tokens are exchanged to BNB in an automated manner in order to protect users from Yield Protocol price fluctuations spikes.

It also offers a pliable rewards policy and can be locked for any period between three days and three months.

The rewards pool amount varies from around 30,000 Yield Protocol up to 100,000 Yield Protocol per month depending on the lock-up time.

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