Past ICOs

Past ICOs

Cryptoknowmics is a leading platform that keeps everyone updated with the future of ico. It covers all ongoing icos listing and exposes new crypto-enthusiasts to the crypto space. By acquainting users with the blockchain and crypto space, Cryptoknowmics plays a crucial role in building a crypto-ready community. Through our platform, users can form a sound understanding of all the upcoming initial coin offering listing, including ICO Ethereum. The main difference between ICO and IPO is that ICO deals with crypto enthusiasts and supporters instead of investors, to whom IPOs cater to. The future return on their investments motivates ICO supporters to back it.

Name Start End
Konomi Network

Konomi is a full suite asset management solution for cross-chain crypto assets. Using Substrate as...

16th Mar 2021 17th Mar 2021
Bullion Exchange Selfdrop

Bullion Exchange (eBLX) provides a effective real-time, good supportive, responsive cryptocurrency...

16th Apr 2020 30th Apr 2020

SpeedKingToken is a non-self destructive token with the main use of buying and selling and also exchanging...

01st Oct 2019 07th Feb 2021

The Cooperative was chosen as the goal of developing the hasanah system because the Cooperative is...

20th Nov 2019 20th Dec 2020
Ieo service

Since IEO takes on a new life is almost ICO replacing it and is actually more suitable than ICO (since...

15th Oct 2019 31st Oct 2019
MorCrypto Exchange

MorCrypto is a cryptocurrency trading exchange with lending services that guarantees 5% monthly ROI...

26th Sep 2019 30th Nov 2019
Cryptoknowmics CKM

Cryptoknowmics is an innovative and decentralized platform that serves almost every aspect of the...

10th Jul 2019 15th Nov 2019
Mercurial Finance

Dynamic vaults for stable assets on Solana. Focused on low slippage swaps and maximizing capital utilization.


13th May 2021 13th May 2021

ProStarter is that transparent DeFi platform for its crypto community which is quite different from...

12th May 2021 12th May 2021

PolkaRARE is a web3 economy that allows any user or a brand to create, trade, and discover NFTs. By...

10th May 2021 12th May 2021
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