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Job Posting Suggests Apple may be Interested in Cryptocurrency 


According to a job posting, it seems Apple is interested in the crypto space. While the job listing does not mention cryptocurrencies exactly, it refers to what Apple describes as “alternative payments.”


Investors Staking in Unregistered Crypto will be Scrutinized-Gary Gensler


On Wednesday the US SEC Chairman Gary Gensler, in his written testimony, warned about unregistered crypto, and legal scrutiny of investors who are staking in non-compliant securities. He emphasized that asset managers who stake in unregistered securities could be legally scrutinized by the SEC as well.


Ripple Collaborates with Oman’s BankDhofar for Cross-Border Payment


According to a 26th May press release, Ripple has collaborated with Oman’s BankDhofar to link with the Indian private sector bank IndusInd Bank to allow cross-border payments in India. As a result of the agreement, Cross-border mobile payment using the BankDhofar Mobile Banking App will be executed swiftly, cost-effectively, and with end-to-end visibility.


Bitcoin Volatility is Affecting U.S. Markets, According to A New Study


According to Singapore’s DBS Group Holdings Ltd, the volatility of Bitcoin is fuelling the liquidity of US stock markets on these volatile trading days and it is no longer a separate asset class. According to the study, BTC and the S&P 500 are more favorably associated after a major crypto rise, with a correlation of 0.26 vs 0.19 under normal conditions.


Iran: Rouhani Declares Cryptocurrency Mining on Halt until September


In reaction to unforeseen power outages in major cities of Iran, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has declared a four-month halt on all cryptocurrency mining.  Iranian officials have regularly accused unlicensed Bitcoin miners of depleting the electrical system and increasing air pollution levels in various cities.