Best EOS Dapps

Ranking among the top 30 cryptocurrencies by market cap, much like Ethereum EOS allows developers to build decentralized applications on its blockchain network. Moreover, the network drives with the ultimate goal to make it simple and straightforward for developers to embrace blockchain technology, making its network relatively easier to use than other platforms. EOS is the latest blockchain project in the cryptocurrency market. It aims to create a network with the capability to process millions of transactions within a second. Its ICO has taken everyone by storm for several reasons, and if you are someone looking for the best EOS Dapps, then Cryptoknowmics is the best platform for all your crypto-related needs. Cryptoknowmics provides the most updated information on the decentralized app store. Explore our platform to stay up to date with the top EOS dapps along with various other projects in the crypto market.


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SWFT AllChain Swap

SWFT Blockchain ALLChain Swap is designed to provide a simple, fast, and safe solution. With a few clicks, users can swap over 300 currencies directly


MDEX.ONE is decentralized exchange on EOS Blockchain - CrossChain / Share profit


True decentralized games powered by EOS


Defibox is a one-stop EOS DeFi Platform. You can swap/exchange tokens on EOS blockchain in Defibox. $BOX is the token of Defibox.

EOS Fruit Machine

Eoscs devotes to the development of Eosdapp . Fruit machine mining is currently the only way to get Eosos. The total circulation is 300 million Eoscs.

EOS Knights

EOS Knights is the first mobile blockchain game on the EOS platform. All player actions are performed on smart contracts in EOS Knights. Data in EOS K

EOS Planet

EOS Planet is a project aiming to test the boundaries of new generation blockchains. The first of its kind, EOS Planet, is a virtual, persistent on th

EOS Lotto

100% decentralized EOS lottery returning 100% revenue to the buyer! Recommend to friends, buy, and be a lucky hero.


Blockchain lottery that everyone can issue with one click. [Hi Gold Scratch] is an instant blockchain lottery game with low dealer advantage (about 1%