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What is Maxxer ?Gamifying the experience for users is at the heart of maxxer’s mission, that’s why we introduced the Social Trading League. The best performing traders in each league shall be rewarded not only financially, but socially as well. You can win badges to show off on the exchange, gaining the visual status of a top trader! This makes it even easier for investors to choose a Social Trader to follow and copy their trades.We provide a secure platform for everyone to compete and grow their following.maxxer offers all trading opportunities to include everyone’s style. Try the mobile app for simplified charts, several trading options such as swapping and stop & loss, or try the web app where more complex charting is used. maxxer offers a friendly, fast and functional trading platform to fit YOUR style.Join or create a community on maxxer through social traders or other active community members. Connect with like minded people to discuss trading, portfolios and anything else!Our badge system doesn't only reward people who perform the best trading wise but also those who are active and constructive community members.Full-time worker and no time to monitor charts and properly research your investments? Follow an expert Social Trader and make the exact same trades that they do, at the same price.


Benjamin Theobald
Leandro Trindade
Remy Guijt
Salomo van Mook
Co-founder & CBDO


Token MXXR
Type Utility token
Price in ICO 1 MXXR = 0.10 EUR
tokens for sale 900,000,000 MXXR

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