Author : Nick Leeson

Nick Leeson is an avid trader and cryptocurrency enthusiast. Introduced to cryptocurrencies in early 2016 by a misclick on a YouTube video, Leeson has grown increasingly fascinated by them. He owns cryptocurrencies to trade and complete his goals of growing his accounts from scratch. Leeson's favourite cryptocurrencies include a lot of mid-cap altcoin projects that have the potential to actually disrupt the future. Any and all technical analysis/price prediction by Leeson is not a financial and/or investment advice of any sort.

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Tron fails to reconquer 2018 bottom; might dip to record lows

Tron was once in the top 10 coins and had a community, however, in recent times, that is not the case. With ov ...

  Mar 30, 2020
Tezos at its wits end: 10-15% drop soon

Tezos is forming a bullish channel yet the price has broken in the opposite direction. Due to this, the price ...

  Mar 30, 2020
Litecoin's rising wedge continues to break downwards, $34 soon

Litecoin, as mentioned in the earlier articles was forming a rising wedge, and this pattern has continued with ...

  Mar 30, 2020
Ethereum's battle of $124: Breach it and go lower or bounce and surge higher?

Ethereum is the world's second-largest cryptocurrency in the world with a market cap exceeding $14 billion. Th ...

  Mar 28, 2020
Has XRP surged enough? Should we expect a drop to $0.14 and $0.11?

Payments in traditional finance take time, are bottle-necked, and slow. Satoshi Nakamoto aimed at wiping those ...

  Mar 28, 2020
Bitcoin develops bearish divergence, ready for $5,500?

It took bitcoin less than 6 days to plunge from $9,000 to $4,000 but only a 71% recovery has taken more than 1 ...

  Mar 27, 2020
Binance Coin needs to determine which road it will take, +20% or -20%?

Binance is easily one of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world with report volume North of ...

  Mar 25, 2020
Ethereum to surge 10-15% in the next 24 hours

The second-largest cryptocurrency in the world, Ethereum has already surged approximately 8% in under 48 hours ...

  Mar 25, 2020
Bitcoin's first death cross of 2020 is almost here!

Bitcoins dip is now a thing of the past as its price has rallied constantly from $3,860 to its current price o ...

  Mar 25, 2020
Litecoin short term outlook shows 18% upside with a looming death cross

With over $4.2 billion in market cap, Litecoin stands tall as the seventh-largest cryptocurrency in the world. ...

  Mar 24, 2020