BitAngels Switches Completely to Online Model to Tackle Corona

Zain  |  Mar 24, 2020

BitAngels, the industry's first angel network for digital currency startups, is set to announce the launch of multiple virtual pitch events in order to keep the investors stay in touch h with each other during the global coronavirus pandemic. The stocks have plummeted and socio-economic crisis that is surrounding the world, people are switching to as many online modes as possible.

The founder of BitAngels Michael Tarpin, on March 24, has said that the company has taken this decision to switch to a completely online model with a plethora of events and collaborations to keep the blockchain community-engaged active and running in times like these.

BitAngels Going Back to Its Roots

Terpin says that the model is going back to its early days when it was nothing more than just a virtual network in 2013. Before the global economies crashed so outrageously as the corona tightened its grip, BitAngels transformed itself and turned into both online and an offline direct in-person network.

BitAngels events included multiple startups from each city, and they were given the opportunity to present their projects to investors, and they were also made a part of critical industry-related discussions. This model has been a revelation and has helped a bunch of startups gets fund from BitAngels members.

April 9 onwards, to take precautions against corona, online events will be done for a whole via HQ and individuals across cities which includes New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto and Brussels and many more. Each member will have access to it.

BitAngels have enjoyed a fair amount of success ever since it came into existence. It's founder Michael Terpin, and co-founder David Johnson was the founder of DApps In 2014.

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