Elon Musk Denies the Funny Request to Resume Accumulating Bitcoin Again

Sahaj  |  Jul 8, 2021

Tesla CEO and former Bitcoin lover, Elon Musk, is receiving a funny request to begin pumping BTC again to which Musk responded, “No.” This comes after Elon Musk joined the list of celebrities who extended support to Britney Spears in her case against conservatorship.

Elon Musk Receives Request to Pump Bitcoin Again

A Twitter user named @Cryptomen shared a comment in which he requested Elon Musk to pump Bitcoin again.

The user asked the CEO of Tesla to continue purchasing Bitcoin and accumulate it so that its price surges, along with sending him a drawing of Musk, which was animated.

In the animation, Musk is singing a song of a Russian pop singer Vitas who was well known for his extremely high-pitched voice.

In response to this tweet, Musk posted two laughing emojis and wrote, “I love this.” 

Well, at present, it has been witnessed that Elon is busy pumping Dogecoin and tweeting about it on his Twitter page.

Also, it should be known that 8BTC, a Chinese crypto news outlet, has recently offered a conception of the Bitcoin Musk Age, the span of which was of five months. In this period, Musk showed tremendous support to the flagship currency. 

As of the news outlet, this is the post-Musk age and in accordance with the tweet shared by them, Bitcoin is at present, stronger than ever. 

DOGE Pumping and Musk’s Failure

After numerous tries and tricks by Elon Musk, Dogecoin price has failed to show a significant uptrend.

Most recently, Musk posted a Harry Potter movie meme about the magic mirror that shows the deepest desire of the one standing in front of it, the Mirror of Erised. 

It showed the photoshopped meme of Musk with large consecutive green candles for DOGE.

In addition to this, according to Joe Weisenthal, an important crypto critic from Bloomberg TV, the funny tweets about Dogecoin have stopped responding to push its price up.

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