Elon Musk's Twitter Profile No Longer Reflects DOGE

Jafrin  |  Aug 7, 2021

Tesla CEO Elon Musk no longer has his Twitter display picture of himself with Doge reflected in his sunglasses after sporting it for a week long.

Elon Musk's Twitter DP No Longer Displays DOGE

On July 18, Tesla and SpaceX CEO and self-proclaimed Dogefather updated his Twitter profile picture with a picture of himself wearing mirrored sunglasses that reflect the meme-based cryptocurrency’s Shiba-Inu Dogecoin flashing through it.

This isn't the first time Musk has mentioned Dogecoin. The world’s richest man on the planet has often sent the prices of the meme-based cryptocurrency price on numerous occasions by sharing memes, jokes, references on his social media.

Known for pumping DOGE with his various references and memes related to the dog-themed cryptocurrency, Musk changing his DP resulted in a sharp price jump in Dogecoin prices.

His recent picture change did not go unnoticed by Dogecoin's co-founder Bill Markus, who took to social media to share his own meme.

After sporting the Doge eyes for weeks long, Musk went back to changing his Twitter profile picture to a space rocket, most likely devoted to the rollout of SpaceX's rocket booster, which marks another significant milestone for the company.

Musk’s Twitter DP change came a day after he tweeted as a reply to a user's comment that his own son was 'holding his Doge like a champ, saying:

''Lil X is hodling his Doge like a champ. Literally never said the word “sell" even once!.''

Dogecoin Mania Continues

On Aug. 4, Oscar Mayer, the famous brand for wieners, announced that it has a “limited-edition pack of Hot Doge Wieners” with a cash value of 10,000 Dogecoins worth $2,050 at the current price.

Similarly, last month, AXE created a limited supply of 'Dogecans' that were sold out immediately while Slim Jim generated a significant jump in customer interactions after launching a dogecoin-focused marketing strategy.

The recent slide of Dogecoin has been a concern for the investors even though the meme coin is up 3,459.9% year-to-date (YTD) with starting out the year at around $0.004 but soaring by more than 15,000% to $0.70 in May.

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