Forte Partners With Five New Game Developers

Vandana  |  Mar 25, 2020

Forte has announced its partnership with five new game developers namely DECA Games, nWay, Hi-Rez Studios, Netmarble and Magmic. Forte is a blockchain game developer and a gaming fund which has been sponsored by Ripple.

As told by Forte, the different gaming developers will be able to merge their games with its open blockchain platform. This will also provide the developers as well as the gamers different opportunities. There will be many play-to-earn opportunities that will be made available by enabling different in-game economies.

Forte unlocking revenue streams for the blockchain gaming industry 

Through this latest partnership with other developers, Forte will now provide different revenue options to the gaming industries. The players or you can say the gamers are also going to have some huge benefits by playing games. The time they invest in playing games will not be wasted anymore.

According to Josh Williams, CEO of Forte, that his company is extremely excited for their new collaboration with such amazing developers of the industry. The unique skills of all these developers is simply going to provide a more innovative and wider platform for blockchain gaming. All the companies will work together to provide a hassle-free experience by eliminating most of the issues related to the industry.

Ethereum and Interledger for in-game assets

This partnership is intended to provide various earning opportunities with the help of in-game economies. To make this possible, they will use Ethereum and Interledger to provide the facility of in-game assets.

Through these steps, the companies are planning to become an ecosystem which is completely decentralized. This ecosystem will be owned by all the firms which are engaged in this program.

Currently, this blockchain platform which has been developed by Forte is open and free to use across any gaming platform. Forte has also announced that additional details related to the partnership and additional partners will be revealed after some time.

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