Google Play Store Removes Crypto News Apps Without Any Explanation

Shailesh  |  Mar 3, 2020, 8:01 am
Google Play Store Removes Crypto News Apps Without Any Explanation

Google has resumed its crypto attacks this month which has stricken two primary cryptocurrency news platform Cointelegraph and Coindesk.

According to some reports, these two crypto news platforms, which give updates on the blockchain, crypto and several others, were unavailable for Android users as Google Play Store removed them at 2:00 p.m. ET on Monday. The internet company has not offered any reason for this unanticipated move.

Cointelegraph became the first one which reported about the ban, citing they worked just like they always do and could not conclude what Google's reason was for banning its app on the platform.

Earlier Bans From Google Besides Play Store

Google, the firm owned by Alphabet, seemed to be harsh when it came to embracing cryptocurrencies. Also, in 2018, Google banned advertisements related to cryptos, obstructing content about ICOs, wallets, crypto exchanges and trading advice. Google also banned Chrome extensions that mined cryptocurrencies from its web browser.

Also, last December, Youtube, a Google-owned platform, removed several channels and videos of some cryptocurrency influencers. In response, the video-sharing platform faced loud protests from the whole crypto community. Later, Youtube was required to mark everything as an "error." However, despite restoring some of the videos and channels, the crypto banning occurred again, not a month later.

Another Crypto Attacks From Google

It was also worth seeing that the news platforms were not the only apps that were banned on the Play Store without any explanation. Google also removed MetaMask, a wallet based on Ethereum, and DApp (decentralized app) browser. It also denied any claims to revert its decision. Google remarked that MetaMask was violating its financial policies.

Dan Findlay, MetaMask's co-lead developer, cited that he firmly believed that this one was a genuine misunderstanding on the part of Google's reviewers, however, when connected with all the crypto bans from YouTube, it troubled him about how Google treated the decentralized technologies.