Harvest Finance's DeFi is Now Available Through Polygon (MATIC)

Kavya  |  Jul 29, 2021

According to a press release, Harvest Finance's DeFi or 'yield farming' instruments are now available on Polygon (MATIC) smart contracts. This link will make "yield farming" with Harvest Finance more resource-efficient because of the Polygon platform's high performance and low expenses.

Harvest Finance DeFi Is Now Available On Polygon (MATIC)

Harvest Finance's ‘yield farming’ instruments have been deployed to Polygon (MATIC) smart contracts, according to a press release. Because of the Polygon (MATIC) platform's strong performance and low costs, this connection will make "yield farming" with Harvest Finance more resource-efficient.

Harvest Finance began by utilizing Ethereum smart contracts (ETH). However, when gas prices rose, certain "yield farming" designs proved unprofitable. High fees, in particular, posed a risk for DeFi "farmers" with little prior experience with complicated cryptosystems. 

As a result, the collaboration with Polygon (MATIC) lowers the DeFi barrier to entry for beginners.

Harvest Finance Reveals New Strategies

It seems Harvest Finance is going to reveal new strategies apart from enabling current technical tools that are more advanced. 

New farming tools, including vaults for various currencies, will be launched with much cheaper costs than those of Ethereum (ETH). Harvest financing clients will have a smooth and successful ‘yield farming’ experience. Polygon (MATIC) teamed with cutting-edge DeFi protocol Balancer (BAL) earlier this month to offer a series of unrivaled liquidity mining efforts.

About Harvest Finance

Harvest is a platform for asset management that maximizes the income on assets placed by users. Harvest minimizes gas prices and creates cutting-edge techniques to become DeFi's one-stop-shop for yield farming.

About Polygon (MATIC)

Polygon is the first well-structured, user-friendly Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development platform. 

Polygon SDK is its main component, a modular, flexible platform that enables constructing and linking Secured Chains such as Plasma, Optimistic Rollups, zkRollups, Validium, and others, as well as Standalone Chains such as Polygon POS, which are built for flexibility and independence. 

Polygon's scaling solutions have been widely adopted, with over 450 Dapps, 350M transactions, and 13.5M unique users.

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