How dApps should be run on WAX

Aditya  |  Jul 11, 2020

Being an ardent crypto lover, you must have been familiar with the concept of blockchain in the cryptocurrency. After all, it is the prime element of this digital technology. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin operate upon it. It is possible to imagine Blockchain without Bitcoin, but it is impossible to imagine Bitcoin without blockchain. But today our prime focus is not on Bitcoin blockchain, but WAX blockchain. This blockchain is, however, is much beyond mere a blockchain. It can also be understood as a platform for surrounding a room of microservices made for designing, trading, buying, and selling of existing items and tokenized assets. The microservices are specially made for developers of dApps. Today we are going to discuss the reasons that are essential for these developers to run dApps on WAX.

But before we leap on to our main subject, it is must to know that it hardly matters whether you being a developer scrutinizing blockchain for setting up a dApp. Or it might be possible that you already equipped with present dApp on EOS or maybe any other blockchain. WAX proves much helpful in the provision of mechanisms that enhance your profits and making your customers excited. Also one needs to know that the microservices of WAX are much profitable for the dApp developers. They must be updated with top WAX dApps including WAX RNG, GPK. Market, WAXTycoon, OxWarriors, WAX Inventory, and many more.

Reasons On Why Should Developers Run dApps On WAX

Now coming back to our main topic of discussion, which reveals some smart reasons why developers should run dApps on WAX?

Buying And Selling Of dApps NFTs On Fiat Currencies

The reason to run dApps on WAX can be explained with the buying and selling of your dApps NFTs on WAX marketplaces in the coming years for fiat currencies.

Easy Launch Of EOS dApp On WAX

Another benefit which explains about running dApps on Wax is the easy launch of EOS dApp on WAX. If you want to clone your dApp on WAX, then placing your cleos application to WAX nodes instead of pointing it towards EOS nodes. And then you have to implement a similar command of deployment. After that WAX tokens must be staked for distributing needful assets, similarly as EOS.

WAX Is Free

For all fresh user account, developers of dApp are asked to pay a fee of 3KB RAM on EOS. But it is free on WAX.

Better Transaction Speed

A special consensus mechanism called DPoS is utilized by the WAX blockchain. It is also beneficial in a better and faster transaction speed of 500 milliseconds.


So finally, we let you know about the need of running dApps on WAX by developers. In short, the WAX blockchain is a platform that comprises a microservices set that is useful for developing, selling, and buying of tokenized assets and implied items in a very faster, simpler, and affordable manner. The WAX microservices are specially curated for the dApp developers. Being a curious crypto enthusiast, you should be knowing about the best WAX dApps. So if you are interested to gather information about WAX decentralized apps, then stay abreast with cryptocurrency sites. Here you will find all the top WAX dApps.

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