KAVA and Hard Protocol Technical Analysis: What to Expect?

Dalmas  |  Aug 2, 2021

KAVA buyers are galloping ahead, posting double-digit gains in the last week of trading. Meanwhile, HARD/USDT prices are in an uptrend as long as bulls are above $0.55.


The CertiK-certified protocol allows users to securely access a suite of DeFi products and services. KAVA is central to operations.

Past Performance of KAVA

The coin is one of the top performers on the last day of trading, adding seven percent versus the USD.

Technically, the buyers are in the driving seat in a bullish breakout pattern above a descending wedge.

Therefore, in buy trend continuation and an encouraging reversal of fortunes, the bulls could drive the coin towards April 2021 highs of around $7.5.

Day-Ahead and What to Expect

The Asian and European sessions evidently supports KAVA bulls reading from the sharp expansion in prices.

Accordingly, every low--if price action in the daily chart guides--offers a loading opportunity for hopeful traders expecting more gains in the days ahead.

KAVA/USDT Technical Analysis

KAVA Price Daily Chart for Aug 2

In a bullish breakout pattern, KAVA/USDT prices are aligning with the upper BB as the middle BB now inclines positively.

This points to increasing momentum and high volatility, cementing buyers' conviction.

Accordingly, KAVA bulls may begin finding loading opportunities in lower time frames. In this case, prices may rally towards $7.5 with support at around July 2021 highs of $4.5.

Hard Protocol

The platform is a cross-chain money market on Kava using HARD for governance.

Past Performance of HARD

From the daily chart, HARD/USDT prices are under pressure.

However, the token is ranging inside a larger bull bar, a positive for buyers.

Also, since the product is on the Kava platform, the odds of HARD ticking higher on improving KAVA prices are elevated.

Day-Ahead and What to Expect

HARD/USDT prices presently range in a possible accumulation. As a result, this may see the token's valuation surge going forward.

Still, a follow-through of early June 2021 is necessary. It is especially so if HARD prices are to surge above the two-month consolidation.

HARD/USDT Technical Analysis

HARD Price Daily Chart for Aug 2

The odds of HARD prices expanding in a buy trend continuation, confirming the June 10 bull bar is high.

This is bullish from Effort-versus-Results analysis. Note that prices are still in range inside the bull bar two months after being printed.

Presently, HARD/USDT bulls might find buying opportunities in smaller time frames as long as prices are above July 2021 lows of $0.55.

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