Polygon Reveals New Division Dedicated to Blockchain Gaming and NFTs

Divya  |  Jul 20, 2021

Polygon has announced the launch of a new division focused on blockchain gaming and non-fungible tokens(NFTs), called Polygon Studios. The Ethereum-scaling solution’s newest initiative aims to bridge the gap between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, while also strengthening its position as the “de-facto platform for Decentralized Play to Earn and Blockchain Gaming.”

Polygon Launches New NFT and Blockchain Gaming Subsidiary

In a press release issued on Monday, Polygon noted that the growth of NFTs and gaming on the network has been tremendous. Therefore, the platform wants to solidify its position even further with the new subsidiary.

The network stated that Polygon Studios would provide build and launch support to blockchain games and NFT teams. It will also facilitate the launch of major brands and franchises and offer more play to earn opportunities for gamers.

There are 100,000 blockchain gamers and more than 500 DApps on Polygon at the moment. It is also home to several popular Web3 games such as Aavegotichi, Decentraland, Skyweaver, Zed Run, and Megacryptopolis.

Polygon Studio Aims to Become the De-Facto Gaming Platform

With its latest division, Polygon is looking to house all the top developers, creators, artists, and investors in the NFT space. The platform also wants to become the go-to destination for major Web 2 franchises that are veering into Web3.

Polygon’s newest subsidiary will helm two different initiatives at the same time. The first is the Gaming Studio, which will enable blockchain game builders to create high-quality experiences using the network’s tried and tested infrastructure, software development kits(SDKs), and community support.

The second initiative -- NFT Studio -- will assist prominent brands, IP owners, and celebrities in minting and circulating their NFTs on various trading platforms.

Polygon has emerged as Ethereum’s leading scaling solution over time, with decentralized finance apps and smaller projects leveraging the network’s low transaction fees. It has also made a reputation for itself in the blockchain gaming segment, with creators like Aavegotchi choosing it over Ethereum.In May, the network received an undisclosed amount of investment from billionaire Mark Cuban.

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