SBI Holding To Provide Its Shareholders With XRP As Benefit

Javeria  |  Feb 1, 2020

SBI holding, a Japan Based financial service provider, has announced to grant its shareholders XRP as benefits. The financial service company is also one of the major investors of Ripple Labs. Starting from March 31 2020, SBI holding would provide its shareholders’ benefits based on some criteria which would be recorded in the Shareholder register. The statement is shared by an XRP community member confirming the offer.

SBI Holdings will offer XRP as a benefit to shareholders

The Shareholders eligible for benefits would get the option to choose between SBI AlApromo products and XRP digital currency. SBI AlApromo Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of SBI Holdings which produce and trade cosmetics and food products that contain 5-ALA.

What Is The Criteria Of The Benefits?

According to the criteria, Shareholders having less than 100 shares would not be eligible for the rewards. And the shareholders who have more than 100 and less than 1,000 shares registered till the date would get 2000 Yen worth of XRP as a benefit. Moreover, those having more than 1,000 shares for less a year would be entitled to the same benefits. Alternatively, shareholders in this category can also avail other benefits that include Health supplements and bags of processed food.

Now, the shareholders who have more than 1,000 shares for over a year in the shareholder registry would be entitled to 8000 yen worth of XRP. They can also opt for other benefits (products sold by SBI ALApromo Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of SBI Holdings) in exchange of XRP that includes, Moisturizing Cream, Lotion, Deep Cleansing Gel, Pure Clay Wash and Body Cream.

Other than that, the shareholders holding 1 to 99 fractional shares, who don’t qualify for the above said benefits would get 50% discounts on the cosmetics and supplements sold by SBI AlApromo. For your information, SBI holdings apart from being one of the major investors of Ripple Labs is also a part of RippleNet with SBI Remit, utilising XRPs cross-border payment solution.

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