WazirX Coin Price Drops After Winter Bill Showed Up

Trishla  |  Nov 24, 2021

After the news of a parliamentary bill becoming law, Wazirx coin has noticed a significant fall. WazirX is now trading at $1.17, down 6.76 percent in the previous 24 hours. Not only WazirX but bitcoin & other altcoins are going down its look like bill have a massive impact all over the crypto market.

WazirX Coin Price Drops After Winter Bill Coming up

Its tough attitude on cryptocurrency regulation may encourage other country’s governments to follow suit. President Biden's new crypto laws in the United States sparked a huge market slump earlier this month, as we observed. Indian's prospective crypto ban might provoke enormous sell-offs in the market, forcing key crypto values to plummet just as the market is starting to recover.

According to the parliament bulletin, the bill, which will be submitted to parliament in the next session, will enable exceptions to promote the underlying blockchain technology.

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