Whales' Bitcoin Holdings Decrease to 25% of the Entire Bitcoin Supply

Kavya  |  Aug 13, 2021

A prominent crypto expert has released a graphic depicting a new, “improved” Bitcoin distribution, in which Whales' holdings have decreased to 25% of the entire Bitcoin supply.

Bitcoin Holdings Of Whales’ Decreases To 25% Of Supply

The proportion of big cryptocurrency holders (commonly known as whales) has shrunk to 25%. It used to be around double the size.

According to, CryptoQuant, a South Korean-based on-chain data collector, crypto whales owned around 48% of the BTC quantity in circulation. He refers to whales as wallets containing 1,000 or more Bitcoin.

"Middle-class" Whales Own 37% Of The Circulating BTC

The graphic also shows BTC supply owned by various market participants: 10-1,000 BTC wallets (Woo refers to them as "middle class," but they are still whales) account for around 37% of the Bitcoin supply. This figure is likewise on the decline.

Publicly traded organizations (such as crypto exchanges, public corporations, and ETFs) hold 18% of the total crypto supply; this trend shows a significant increase.

Investors with less than ten Bitcoin are also boosting their holdings. Woo refers to them as minnows, and their BTC holdings have increased to 14 % of their total. 

The rises and decreases in this figure have mostly occurred in the last several years. To create this figure, the analyst used data from Glassnode as well as his sources.

"A Lot Of Money Might Possibly Flow Into Bitcoin"

According to CryptoQuant-verified expert Jan Wuestenfeld, there are now huge sums of stablecoins living on centralized crypto exchanges, and they are near to all-time highs.

Unless these assets are being readied for investment in crypto loan products (yield farming, etc.), the expert says, they may be used to support the main coin.

The data shows that the increase in stablecoin supply on exchanges occurred very recently between July and August.

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