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Daily News Roundup

1. Justin Sun Reveals His Two Other Crypto Investments And Its Surprising

The founder and CEO of TRON blockchain, Justin Sun, in an interview with CNN’s Julia Chatterley reinstated his long known faith in cryptocurrencies. He says he remains ultra bullish about Bitcoin and he holds a lot of investments, surprisingly in other digital assets too, namely Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP).

2. Bitcoin SV's bearish drop begins, a stop at 5% or 7% is the question

the price of BSV has been on a collapse since $301 to its current standing at $283, a 6% drop in 14 hours. The price of BSV declined by 6% in the last 15 hours and more decline seems to be underway.

3. Weiss Contradicts Ripple, Banks Are Not Necessary For Crypto Adoption

Weiss Agency responded to Brad that Cryptocurrency industry does not need any banking system for any of the reason stated by him. The agency counters that it is not necessary to get compliance for the required adoption of the currency. It reminded that the cryptocurrency is decentralised.

4. Gold Bull Peter Schiff Believes Bitcoin Will Hit $3000 Before Gold

Peter Schiff, has published a poll on Twitter, asking the bitcoin users to predict between Bitcoin and Gold which would hit  $3000 first. During the poll, many of the followers voted for Gold. While disagreeing with them (followers), Schiff stated that before Gold, Bitcoin would crash to $3000.

5. Qatari Business Magnate Takes Facebook To Court For Defamation

Wissam Al Mana, the ex-husband of famous singer and songwriter, Janet Jackson, is taking Facebook to court for cryptocurrency scam. The Qatari Billionaire sued Facebook in Dublin last week for defamation, false advertising and malicious falsehood. 

6. Mashreq, The Oldest Privately Owned Bank in UAE Turns to Blockchain

The Mashreq Bank will switch to the blockchain, said Executive Vp of the oldest privately-owned Bank in UAE. The Switch would strengthen the security and integration of technology, leading to a smart banking platform. It was the first Bank to install ATMs, along with debit and credit cards and now blockchain.

7. Banks Should Dig Into Digital Currencies: Bank of England's Chief

Sarah John, the Bank of England’s (BOE) chief cashier has said that she finds it crucial that the central banks dig in and research digital currencies, in order to strike a chord with private issuers. She said banks must pay heed to the fact that the digital currencies are competent enough to be a new form of  payment.

8. ‘The Simpsons’ Latest Episode About Blockchain And Cryptocurrency

The Simpsons which is the longest-running TV series of all time, recently, broadcasted an episode that explained cryptocurrencies and blockchain. The 13th episode of season 31 has been broadcasted to raise awareness regarding blockchain and cryptocurrency.

9. MoonPay and IOTA Foundation Work Together to Solve Trinity Attack

The IOTA Foundation said it is developing a transitional tool for the users to transfer their funds from their current accounts to new ones. When the transitions are over, the Foundation will reactivate the network. Additionally, the Foundation is working with MoonPay to solve the Trinity Wallet hack.

10. G20 Finance Ministers Emphasize Significance of Evaluation before Launching Global Stablecoins

The Group of 20 (G20) finance ministers and central bank governors held their first meeting in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. They held cryptocurrency and stablecoin discussions and urged nations to implement the standards set by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) on crypto and other digital assets.

11. Potential Perth Glory Owner, Jim Aylward Is Convicted Fraudster

After the new revelation on Monday, the sale of Perth Glory is now on the edge of collapse. According to the reports, the London crypto-currency entrepreneur who was about to buy Perth Glory Soccer club is a convicted has been found that the entrepreneur, Jim Aylward is a convicted fraudster James Abbass Biniaz.

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