Cryptoknowmics' Daily Dose of Crypto Updates | 14 Jan 2020

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1. Japan's FSA May Limit Crypto Leverage Option to Twice The Deposited Amount

Japan’s Financial Service Agency may amend the laws for cryptocurrency margin trading and limit the leverage to only twice the deposited amount. The earlier limit was pegged at 4X leverage on the deposited amount.

2. Huobi in a New Deal With Dubai's Real Estate Firm

Popular digital asset exchange Huobi has partnered with Fam Properties, a Dubai-based real estate agency. The partnership is aimed at providing secure crypto payments to real estate investors in the UAE.

3. Privacy and Scalability of Lightning Network Lower than Expected

A report published by prominent cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX suggested that the benefits of privacy and scalability of Bitcoin’s implementation of Lightning Network are lower than expected. The primary aim of the network was to reduce the transaction time among users while maintaining anonymity or privacy.

4. Dish Network Files Patent for Blockchain-Based Anti-Piracy System

Dish Network has filed a patent for a blockchain-based anti-piracy management system. The anti-piracy system would enable content producers to track their content using blockchain and see how different distributors are using their content.

5. Stellar's Lightnet Aims to Venture into Southeast Asia's Remittance Market

Lightnet, a Stellar-based blockchain firm, could soon raise capital to extend its territory into the Southeast Asian remittance market through fintech acquisitions. The company will roll out offices in China, Hong Kong, and Singapore and also double its staff capacity to 120.

6. Digital Currency of Cadres Enters its Second Printing in China

A 200-page manual guide named “Digital Currency for Cadres” entered its second printing in January after experiencing mammoth demand after the first release. Digital Currency of Cadres was initially released in November and consists of 23 articles, which covers the basics of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

7. Peckshield - China Saw $11.4 Billion in Crypto-Based Capital Flight

China-based blockchain security firm Peckshield put out its 2019 Global Digital Asset AML Research Report highlighting a bunch of crypto trends throughout the year. The crypto-based capital expenditure from China hit the $11.4 billion mark in 2019.

8. First Blockchain Voting by Crypto Enterprises Successful

The Association of Cryptocurrency and startups (ACCESS) in Singapore has successfully tested the implementation of the first on-premise blockchain voting.  Blockchain-based voting ensures transparency and safeguards the privacy of voters.

9. Justin Sun Announces 'Secret' Streaming Project That Will Boost Tron And BitTorrent

Justin Sun has announced a new secret project to take on the likes of streaming giants such as Netflix and Twitch. The new secret project would involve the newly acquired DLive platform and would boost the Tron and BitTorrent network.

10. Fundstrat Predicts Bitcoin Price Will Double in 2020

Thomas Lee the c0-founder of Fundstrat Research firm has come out with another Bitcoin prediction claiming the king coin would double its value in 2020. Lee’s prediction was based on the fact that Bitcoin is set to undergo block reward halving this year which is considered a highly bullish event.



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