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Narinrit Prem Apiwathanokul is the CEO of IPUX. Narinrit keens in cryptocurrency, Blockchain technology, and ICO as they are emerging and disruptive. Especially, they utilize the security mechanisms that A.Fon is so familiar with but this time they are used to create innovative financial technology which will evolve the financial industry and economy. A.Fon provided consultancy to a number of interesting ICO projects and also has his own project to launch a one-of-its-kind charitable ICO to support Buddhism. 

IPUX is not only successfully operating and has blueprints to develop, e-commence, agriculture, and health and wellness related businesses in ASEAN, but we are also providing solutions leveraging blockchain technology, smart contracts, AI, big data and IoT, combined with a capability development program, that will disrupt and transform less-effective market models.

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