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Niti Aayog Proposes Deployment of Blockchain for Easing Governance Process| Cryptoknowmics

1. Telangana Set to Launch a Dedicated Blockchain Incubator

Rama Devi, a senior official in the IT&C Department of the state government Telangana, has said that the new blockchain incubator would be pairing up with high educational institutions, such as IIIT-Hyderabad and the Indian School of Business. This would lend a helping hand to fresh startups in the working blockchain space.

2. BSV Genesis Upgrade Results In A Minor Chain Split

On February 3, Bitcoin SV delivered a scheduled upgrade called Genesis which ended in a minor chain split as the majority of nodes were not still updated. About one-fourth of all blockchain nodes were still on the old version, implying that these blocks can't synchronize to the main chain. Moreover, many hours later, a chain split occurred.

3. Liquid Confirms Partnership With Crypto Trading Bot Provider Hummingbot

Liquid, the Japan-based digital asset exchange has announced its partnership with Hummingbot, the institutional-grade crypto trading bot provider. To facilitate high-frequency crypto trading, Liquid has adopted fully integrated Hummingbot’s solutions.

4. Zcash Added on Binance Futures With New Perpetual Contract

Binance, the global cryptocurrency exchange is launching a Zcash (ZEC)- Tether (USDT) perpetual contract with a maximum leverage of up to 50x. The announcement revealed that the trading of the new ZEC/USDT contract would be live from February 5, 2020.

5. MRO Blockchain Alliance To Explore The Technology’s $3.5bn Potential

An association of critical partners in aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) industry has recently started to ascertain whether aircraft parts could be tracked, traced or recorded using blockchain technology. According to PwC, MRO costs could be reduced by $3.5bn worldwide using blockchain technology.

6. Bitspark Permanently Closing Its Door Next Month

Bitspark is closing its door permanently on March 4 including the operations running in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines, announced, Geroge Harrap, Bitspark CEO and co-founder. Customers are free to withdraw their funds until March 4 and can also request withdrawals for further 90 days after the closing of the company.

7. Hackers Encrypt And Stole Data Of Five U.S. Law Firms

Hackers have compromised five law firms of the USA and asked for two ransoms of 100 Bitcoin (BTC) from each company. First ransom for restoring access to the data, and another one for deleting their copy rather than selling the data.

8. No Access to Mainstream Payment Applications, Bermuda Goes Crypto

The government of Bermuda is considering blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption to enhance financial inclusion. The 60,000 residents island country have no access to mainstream payment applications;  such as Revolut, Square Cash and PayPal.

9. Niti Aayog Proposes Deployment of Blockchain for Easing Governance Process

Indian think tank Niti Aayog released a draft discussion paper titled “Blockchain: The India Strategy”, highlighting the deployment of blockchain technology for the resolution of inefficiencies in businesses and governance processes. It focused upon the framework, necessities, challenges and regulatory infrastructure for the adoption of the latest technology.

10. UK's FCA Increases Registration Fee For Crypto Businesses To £10000

The United Kingdom's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has recently raised the registration fees it charges from crypto firms for registration. From now, FCA would reportedly run a two-tier system which would depend on the firm's income. Initially, the authority had proposed a fixed fee of £5,000 for all businesses.

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2. OpenBrix: Blockchain-based Property Portal is Live

3. USMS Announces Auctioning of Confisticated Bitcoin Recovered From Criminals

4. WazirX CEO Opined That India Should Consider Launching Its Own CBDC

5. China's Blockchain Development Way Ahead of Others


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