Location : Moscow, Expocenter

Start : 16th Oct 2019 - End : 17th Oct 2019

Blockchian Life 2019, Wed, 16 – Thu, 17 Oct October 2019, Moscow

4th largest international forum on Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Mining

The largest event in Russia and Europe

Each year, the forum becomes the largest and most important industry event in Russia and Europe. Last year, the forum brought together 4,500 participants as part of a falling market. In 2019, 6,000 participants from 70 countries of the world are expected in Moscow.

A platform for professionals and beginners                                                                                         The forum brings together world industry leaders and those who are just starting to become interested in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Blockchain Life is not just a global event, it is a professional tool for personal and business development.

Impact on world industry development

Over the 3 years of its existence, the forum has become an international platform for the development of hundreds of industry companies, a meeting place for market leaders with representatives of government agencies, a place for the conclusion of thousands of contracts that have influenced the global development of technology.




Meet the heads of international industry companies and establish effective cooperation. All insiders about trends at the end of 2019 and new ways of earning will sound from the stage, in the exposition and on the sidelines.


Learn how to make money by investing free money in cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects. Be the first to implement blockchain in your business and increase your income.


Learn about all the stages of creating and promoting a project and win the attention of investors by submitting your project as part of a startup competition . Learn how to quickly place a token on the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges and properly manage the token value.


Get to know the industry’s most promising projects in the exposition zone and as part of the startup competition , find out the latest information on projects that can “shoot” and bring a high ROI at the end of 2019.


Learn about all the possibilities of earning on mining in the fall of 2019. Get advice from world mining companies and private miners, and get acquainted with the latest equipment  right at the exhibition.


Find customers for blockchain development and get acquainted with innovative solutions in this field. Thousands of BL 2019 participants need to be developed on the blockchain, and personal acquaintance will play a significant role in their choice of a contractor.


Event Location:

Moscow, Expocenter

Located near the main business center of the country “Moscow City”, the Expocenter is the venue for the most global events in Russia. Convenient accessibility and scale makes the Expocenter an ideal venue for holding the forum at the highest level.

Foreign participants are assisted in obtaining a Russian visa.

Find out more about recommended hotels, the best places in Moscow and other information in the “For Participants” top menu item.





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