A Dollar For Every Ounce of Engagement

Sandeep Kumar Mishra by Sandeep Kumar Mishra - 02:25 PM Oct 21, 2019

Cryptoknowmics has recently launched weekly contests for two of its platforms, Crypto Forum and Crypto Blog, along with its own site, Cryptoknowmics.com. These competitions are designed for people who show the maximum engagement on the above-mentioned platforms. Each of these platforms would reward people based on their efforts to drive the overall engagement on these sites.

Crypto Forum would pay the top ten active users a collective prize of $100 worth of tokens every week. The criteria for engagement here is the same as that in the Cryptoknowmics platform. The site would require users to comment on the posts and express their opinions on the latest developments in the industry. They should also post the latest industry news on the site.

Crypto Blog will be rewarding the writers who contribute to its site through thoroughly researched, well-written, and plagiarism-free blogs. The writers are free to submit content on any topic of their choosing. The top 5 writers whose blogs show the highest engagement would be eligible to receive a collective reward of $250 worth of tokens every week.

For Cryptoknowmics, the total weekly reward is $500 worth of tokens for the top 100 active users on the platform. The prizes shall be distributed amongst the winners based on the nature of their engagement on the platform. It would require them to comment and post on the latest developments in the blockchain and crypto space. The most active users would receive the largest share of the rewards.

The contests, which began on 18th October, will have the first list of winners ready on 28th October 2019. The list shall be updated every Monday from there on until notified otherwise. The names of the winners for each of these platforms shall be displayed on their sites. All these platforms have already made clear that only the most sincere efforts to engage would be acknowledged and rewarded. That means that one-word or irrelevant comments and poorly-written blogs would be rejected straightaway.

About Cryptoknowmics

Cryptoknowmics is an online platform that provides crypto enthusiasts with the latest and in-depth content on every development in the crypto space. Here, the users can find information on different facets of the cryptocurrency domain. As a responsible service provider of cryptocurrency news, they aim to be the most prominent media platform in the crypto niche and serve their users with the latest updates and information in the crypto domain.


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