Escape From Tarkov's Bitcoin Farm Nerfed to Hell

Guest  |  Nov 22, 2021

Digital currency grains massive attention by the people. Everyone is after numerous crypto options that are commonly available. It has been a long time since crypto has been trending and creating hype among people. However, right now, it has penetrated many more options in our daily life. 

Have you heard about the gaming currency? If you are a gamer or love to play video games, you will have a bit of an idea about it. Almost in every game, you get missions and rewards for completing these missions. Many of the games are now offering semi-Bitcoins or crypto in the rewards for the players. It can be surprising for you, but it is a fact. 

Escape From Tarkov's Bitcoin

Whenever we talk about the like, advanced level target, and action-based video games, Escape from Tarkov is on the list. It is one of the PC games that you will love to play and enjoy as well. However, it is not a free game, but it has a lot of players and fans at the same time. 

Other than adventure-filled tasks and action, there is another attraction that players have in the game. It is the Escape from Tarkov's Bitcoin. Yes, the game has incorporated Bitcoins in the game and lets the players mine them while playing. Eventually, they can collect these coins and use them for progress in the game. 

Is Tarkov's Bitcoin real? 

Many players have started playing Escape from Tarkov once they know that games let you mine Bitcoins. They found it attractive to pay for the game, play it and earn some money out of it. At first, the thought is excellent, but things are pretty different when you get into it. 

Remember, it is an adventure-based game, not a money-making one. Therefore, you can mine Bitcoins there but exchanging them for real money is not possible. 

However, these coins are valid for in-app purchases and promotions. Therefore, if you are not getting out of it, you are not giving away anything. 

According to some reports, each coin you can mine in the game is equivalent to the 0.2 of an actual Bitcoin. However, it is not confirmed, so you need to get an idea about converting Satoshi to Bitcoin and various currencies - safetradebinaryoptions. One thing is clear here that these Bitcoins can rarely be authentic or have any existence in the real world. 

How does Escape from Tarkov's Bitcoin work? 

When these Bitcoins are not actual, what is the purpose of having the coins in the game? Well, if we say it is a practice for the future, then it is not wrong. Adding these coins to the game and having all mining processes is about letting people understand the procedure. With the help of this interaction, people can understand how Bitcoin works. 

Moreover, in the game, the developers have made this helpful coin. Players can trade these coins with the traders to get improvements. The simple upgrades or having some boosters are easy. On the other hand, every player has the charm to collect these coins from the min and reflect them in the resource collection. 

Why is Bitcoin Nerfed in the game? 

According to recent reports, the Escape from Tarkov's Bitcoin has been Nerfed, and players are not so happy about it. The developers simply slow down the process of mining for these coins. It is as if players have to wait for more time to get more coins. 

For some players, it is patience-testing, as they do not like it. Meanwhile, developers speculate that they want to introduce a new cryptocurrency into the game, so they are strategizing its launch.

Bottom line 

There is still fog in the context of knowing what is happening with the Escape from Tarkov's Bitcoin. No one knows what will happen next, but the players are frustrated right now.  Players have to wait a little for further details on the issue. Only the officials can develop a better deal for the players to make them happy and satisfied. Hopefully, the developer's plan works for the players and makes them happy once again. 


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