Nvidia Considering to Restart Crypto Mining GPU Production

Vandana  |  Jan 16, 2021

Nvidia, a multinational technology firm, is now considering to restart the crypto mining GPU production. According to the firm, they might start the production of crypto mining-specific Ampere graphics cards. The firm has also mentioned that before starting the production, they will also ensure the mining demand for the latest graphics processors is high or not. Colette Kress, the chief financial officer at Nvidia, has said:

“If crypto demand begins or if we see a meaningful amount, we can also use that opportunity to restart the CMP [mining-specific GPUs] product line to address ongoing mining demand.”

Nvidia Believes Gaming Demand Is Larger Than Their Current Supply

In the past several months, it has been seen that the demand for gaming graphics cards, gaming consoles, and high-performance processors have exceeded to a great extent, especially GeForce RTX 30-series. Nvidia now believes that their current supply is not sufficient as gaming demand is getting larger than their supply. The firm is not able to understand whether the current increase in demand and supply is due to crypto miners or not. 

When it comes to Bitcoin mining, people do not tend to choose Nvidia's latest GPUs due to their over expensive rates. There are different kinds of accelerators that are designed for Bitcoin mining, and Nvidia GPUs are not the most preferable ones for it. 

Understanding the Demand of Crypto Miners

Even though demand for Nvidia’s products has been relatively high in the past few months, the firm is unable to determine where the demand is coming from. At this point, Nvidia needs to understand how much GPUs are in demand from the crypto miners. Miners only require the computing capabilities of GPU and they do not care about the video processing capabilities and disabled texture mapping units. This is the reason why GPU developers need to understand the total demand from the crypto miners.

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