SkyLaunch is The Ultimate LaunchPad for IDOs

Sujit  |  Nov 11, 2021

Initial coin offerings (ICOs), security token offerings (STOs), and initial exchange offerings (IEOs) are all crypto fundraising strategies that have been replaced by IDOs (IEOs). IDOs are a fantastic solution for new projects and entrepreneurs looking to establish a token and access immediate funding due to their mechanics, which provide improved and immediate liquidity at all market levels. With the immense growth of the crypto space, there are several IDO launchpads in the market today. However, you need the one that suits the needs of your projects. And SkyLaunch is one of them. 

You wouldn't be offered SkyLaunch today if it weren't for these options, some of which have accomplished remarkable things. There is also an increasing number of issues you'll have to deal with while deciding which option is best for your project. SkyLaunch has enormous plans in the works, and they're already in motion. These issues will be a thing of the past if the team reaches its target. In this article, let's focus on how SkyLaunch will approach and solve each of the difficulties stated above, one at a time.

SkyLaunch & The Solutions It Provides

SkyLaunch is the only multi-chain IDO platform that provides tools and support throughout a project. Offering a pre-IDO accelerator program for new projects, as well as an impartial industry-leading governance council and a post-IDO alliance support network to help new blockchain initiatives thrive. The platform will solve multiple problems like:

  • Gas Fees
  • Cross-Chain Limitations
  • IDO Allocation Requirements
  • Over-saturation of the Marketplace
  • Hype and Shilling Distractions
  • Total Timeline Support
  • SkyLaunch was born as a solution to some of these fundamental problems. Let’s understand how!

    Gas Fees

    SkyLaunch's approach revolves around cross-chain integrations that use protocols as simple as Ethereum while still allowing full interoperability. 

    On this front, the wheels are already in action, with Polygon and Binance Smart Chain, two prominent Ethereum Virtual Machine networks, currently in place. Many more EVM and non-EVM compatible chains are in the works, extending their reach as far as possible across the Defi sector to provide you with all the diversity you need in one spot.

    IDO Allocation Restrictions

    Another major stumbling obstacle for investors looking for solid projects to invest in is the demand for a minimum token hold before further allocation, which all too often scares away potential investors. SkyLaunch provides two options for dealing with this issue.

    To begin, there is a standard and comfortable lottery system. The second solution is Transparent On-Chain Score Mining, a ground-breaking feature in which users stake their native currency, $SKYFI, in exchange for IDO allocations. In a separate IDO Allocation article, they'll go through this new solution in further depth.

    A Simplified Marketplace

    Even the most seasoned investor will acknowledge that navigating the Defi space's limitless IDO alternatives can be a nuisance, so the less experienced must be having a nervous breakdown. They're going to simplify the IDO marketplace because it's in desperate need of it. The SkyLaunch team is actively working on game-changing proprietary solutions to assist the community and its entrepreneurs with information.

    The Bottom Line

    The SkyLaunch project is a significant undertaking, monumental in some ways, but we've prepared for it. We intend to, and will, transform IDO Launchpads into a safer, simpler, and more welcoming place for our community. We're here to help projects get the most out of their fundraising events before, during, and after they happen

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