Justin Sun Promotes a Potential Pyramid Scheme Game on Tron Network
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Justin Sun Promotes a Potential Pyramid Scheme Game on Tron Network

December 23, 2019      Prashant Jha

Justin Sun, CEO of Tron Network has recently promoted a game, in which people can earn rewards by just getting a box from “just.game” website. The game, however, appears to be a Ponzi scheme.


Justin Sun has ensured that the launch of this game would bode well for the DApp industry. According to him, choosing a Tron blockchain this moment is the best app on the DApp platform.


But Even Justin Sun Is Not Sure

It seems that Justin Sun’s proposal is related to the launch of the game to get into action. Despite the CEO’s regular attempt to buy the box, the website is presently showing an error message. The game has also overwhelmed Justin, as he was unable to obtain the box for himself. 


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When Justin Sun was himself trying to buy a box, some people also stated the same issue, through a live chat and according to their suggestion, there might be a possibility of a bot action running the program. Eventually, the Tron’s lead creator has jumped in the game after successive attempts. He stated that about 400 million TRX had been wasted in the game, with about 125 million TRX from his side.


About the Game

The game portrays itself as a classic Ponzi scheme as it involves purchasing boxes using TRX, which is an attempt to create a decentralized system. The game requires the participants to spend their funds in the program and spread it so that they can earn loyalty rewards for themselves. Thus, the very nature of the game can raise the eyebrows of the people in the regulatory bodies.

Ironically, Justin Sun also kept pushing up the Tron’s chart prices on his screen looking at the action. The prices have also surged partly due to Bitcoin’s [BTC] decisive price action as well. The “boxes” are expected to give rewards to their owners, while Justin is targeting to make $15 million today.

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Prashant Jha
Prashant Jha

An engineering graduate, Prashant focuses on UK and Indian markets. As a crypto-journalist, his interests lie in blockchain technology adoption across emerging economies.