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Cryptoknowmics Headlines 29th Feb

1. China-based Bitmain Reveals Two High-Speed Bitcoin Miners

Bitmain has declared the release of two new Antminer models under S19 series that processed within the range of 95 to 110 TH/s. This model from Bitmain with 29 joules per terahash (J/TH) and 110TH/s was 24 trillion hashes per second quicker than the latest Whatsminer M30S model from Microbt.

2. Singapore’s Fiat-crypto Platform Coinhako Restricts Withdrawals After Invasion

Coinhako, is  one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Asia that has been hacked this week. After the hack, the exchange has temporarily frozen withdrawals of funds for its users. According to the reports, Coinhako, the Singapore based fiat-crypto platform was attacked on 21st February.

3. Ethereum Classic Inks Deal With Chainlink On Oracles

Ethereum Classic Labs has recently, collaborated with Chainlink to introduce decentralized oracles and external data to the Ethereum Classic blockchain. After the collaboration the Oracle would bridge the gap between blockchain and the outside world, as it allows the off-chain connectivity for the smart contracts

4. Kaspersky Launches a Blockchain-Based Voting System Called Polys

Kaspersky Innovation Hub with the desire to develop an upgrade over the current existing voting platform has come up with their Polys project, which can be utilized by businesses, universities and political parties. According to Kaspersky, Polys is world’s first project to combine the online election system with the blockchain technology 

5. Japan's LINE Closed BITBOX in Singapore, launches BITFRONT in the US


Japanese messaging giant LINE closed down BITBOX, Singapore based crypto exchange and rolled out BITFRONT, a global platform based in the US. The new platform enables both fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto gateways. BITFRONT aims to attract potential investors from the United States by offering them higher liquidity.

6. Roger Ver Strikes Hard On Bitcoin Maximalists

Roger Ver, a Bitcoin Cash proponent seemed to have a problem with Bitcoin maximalists, yesterday he shared a tweet bashing them. Roger asserted that the main intention of holding digital currencies was to undermine government control rather than supporting a single cryptocurrency over all others.

7. OKEx and Bitfinex Crypto Exchanges Hit By DDoS Attacks

Distributed Denial-of-Service(DDoS) attack threatened two significant cryptocurrency exchanges in one day. The cryptocurrency exchange OKEx has been targeted in the night of February 27, 2020, while another major exchange, Bitfinex, was targeted in the morning of February 28, 2020.

8. Ransomware Swallows Up $140 Million, According To FBI

FBI analysed the data of the last six years shared by the private companies and calculated the money paid as ransom payments through VirusTotal, an online scan engine. FBI estimated that a whopping $140 million have been paid to these scammers in various ransomware attacks.

9. Tether Confronts Against “Consolidated Complaint” After Lawsuit Advances

The latest set of development prompted Tether to reinstate that the allegations are without legal basis and signifies the lack of fundamental understanding of the crypto market. Also, it is false to accuse that USDT tokens were circulated to manipulate markets.

10. Major Exchange Tests Clearview AI facial Recognition Technology

Coinbase has admitted to testing controversial AI recognition technology Clearview. However, the exchange denied allegations that the test involved customer data. The leading global cryptocurrency exchange prides in a user base of at least 30 million accounts.

Top Crypto Gainers of the Day

1Egoras   514.24%
2HyperQuant   63.10%
3BitBall   60.65%
4Opennity   55.23%
5CoTrader   52.44%

Top Crypto Losers of the Day

1SounDAC   -75.44%
2Egoras Dollar   -42.46%
3BlockStamp   -34.10%
4Streamit Coin   -33.24%
5Bazooka Token   -29.37%