Eth Decentralized Apps

Among the massive sea of projects crawling the crypto market, there are a few that one just can’t miss. After Bitcoin, Ethereum has established itself to be one of the leading decentralized networks in the world with its native currency ETH trading as the second-largest token by market cap. Ethereum project started in early 2014 and has now emerged as the leader of smart contracts and DApps. At present, Etheruem entertains about 90% of smart contracts and Dapps all around the world. For the uninformed, Ethereum Dapps or Eth decentralized apps mean decentralized applications where no individual entity can control that app since it is used on the blockchain of Ethereum or a distributed ledger. At Cryptoknowmics, we track the latest developments in the crypto sector including the changes and upgrades in a network along with covering a vast range of cryptocurrencies.

Loopy Donuts

Loopy Donuts is a collection of 10,000 unique and adventurous donuts on a mission to escape the shelves of boring donut shops as they frolic around th

Dirtybird Flight Club

9090 unique NFTs generated from over 250 traits. Each bird will lull you into a happy place and fly away with your sandwich.


The 1st stackable toads on the Ethereum blockchain - a yield earning protocol combining NFTs, Defi and gamification. Fair launch.


Playable retro mini 3D Games + Interactive Artworks |

The Official Surreals

The Surreals are a collection of 10,000 hand-painted portraits with a surreal, vintage naturalist aesthetic.

BoringStone Genesis

BoringStone is an NFT magazine memorializing major stories in the Metaverse at-large and bringing different projects and communities together

DAO Turtles

A Decentralised Autonomous Organisation focused on saving turtles and bringing value to holders.

CryptoHoots Steampunk Parliament

CryptoHoots: 2500 Stylish Steampunk Owls


Once a utopia, Gooch Island has fallen and CryptoDickbutts have been evacuated.

Super Shiba Club

10,010 Super Shibas, handcrafted by @LaughAndBelly. We provide community, utility and lots of opportunity!