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Lawyer Admits Craig Wright Has no Private Keys | Cryptoknowmics

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Cryptoknowmics News Headlines for 20th January 2020


1. Dash Core Group’s Taylor says Libra won't be Available in 2020


Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core Group in a recent podcast said, “Libra might get certain obscure third world countries to allow the experimentation where things are so bad that people are desperate for an alternative, but I don’t think things are going to work out for Libra this year.”


2. Lawyer Admits Craig Wright Has no Private Keys


BSV shot up to an all-time high of $436 after Craig Wright promised that he would prove that he controls funds linked to Satoshi Nakamoto. However, Wright failed to prove his claims after his lawyer confirmed that the “bonded courier” that Wright had presented as evidence contained no information on private keys.


3. Srinivasan Claims Can Redefine Culture


Balaji Srinivasan, the founder of, recently appeared on a podcast to discuss in depth his new project. Srinivasan’s inspiration behind launching was to educate people and try to bridge the gap prevailing in the community. has a long list of contributors, right from the hot-shots of the industry to tech-savvies.


4. XRP Could Stack Bitcoin if Price reach Key Resistance


XRP/BTC on the path to 3000 sats this coming week but the same would only happen if the volumes keep on increasing and bulls would break the bearish wedge channel resistance at 2800 satoshis. Ripple also announced that they would not dump XRP in this quarter as it may prove to be a difference for XRP.


5. Crypto Legitimization shouldn't be Curbed by AML: Perianne Boring


Perianne Boring, President of the Chamber of Digital Commerce,2020 applauded the crypto growth in the US and believed the year 2020 has started with a bang. He also noted that the Anti Money Laundering Regulations(AML) must not come in the way for the larger interest of the crypto community.


6. Ethereum 1.X Introduces The Concept Of Stateless Clients


Ethereum Foundation (EF) in a recent blog noted that the Ethereum 2.0 would not be ready any time soon and would take years. So, at present, the team is focusing on making changes to the existing chain in order to fix any problems that wouldn’t render Ethereum before the comprehensive protocol upgrade would be ready.


7. ARK Research Suggest Right Use Cases Of Bitcoin Can Push its Market Cap Into Trillions


The ARK Research group published a report titled ‘Idea 2020’ talking about the best technology investment opportunity. The report also compared Bitcoin revolution to the “Cambrian Explosion” of the monetary system and noted that right use cases of Bitcoin can push its market cap into Trillions.


8. Boaz Manor Disguised To Fake Investors Into A $30M Bitcoin Fraud


Boaz Manor, who was once convicted for misappropriating his hedge fund, is again charged for faking his identity to lure investors into $30 million bitcoin fraud scheme for two whole years. The 46-year-old was earlier sentenced in Canada prison for four years in 2010 and was accused of misappropriated a total of $100M from his hedge fund.



Only Headlines


1. Swiss Regulated Digital Asset Bank, SEBA Planning to Raise $95m


2. Oklahoma Senator Proposes a Bill To Build Blockchain-Based Financial Institution


3. Tether (USDT) Discredits Consolidated Class Action Suit as Meritless


4. Zebi's New Cloud Storage Solution Launched


Top Crypto Gainers Of the Day


Uquid Coin(UQC)73.73%
Ubique Chain Of Things(UCT)63.52%
PAC Global(PAC)39.62%


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Marshal Lion Group Coin(MLGC)-66.32%
Agoras Tokens(AGRS)-36.96%
Eterbase Coin(XBASE)-32.36%