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Breaking News Headlines

1. RSK Introduces Interoperability Protocol For Blockchain Networks


The parent company behind the bitcoin-based smart contract platform, RSK, has recently introduced a token to bridge the gap between the two biggest blockchains i.e., Bitcoin and Ethereum. According to the RSK, the developers on either platform could easily send their token to other ecosystems.

2. Binance to Launch BNB Futures Contracts with 50x Leverage

Binance is all set to launch the BNB/USDT contracts with the maximum leverage of 50x on its Futures trading platform. BNB will be available from February 10, 2020, for trading on the platform as per the announcement of the Exchange. It is the 17th digital asset that is added to the platform.

3. Coronavirus Outbreak Postpones Another Crypto Event

The crypto industry has been affected by the Coronavirus outbreak. According to a declaration on Thursday, the TOKEN2049 crypto conference, which was planned to be organized in Hong Kong either on March 17 or March 18, had now been postponed to October.

4. Jed McCaleb Made $135 Million by Liquidating His XRP Holdings

Jed McCaleb, co-founder of Ripple has sold a billion XRP tokens between 2014 and 2019. He has reportedly made $135 million by liquidating his XRP holdings. The blockchain analyzer estimated that another 4.7 billion XRP is held by McCaleb, which is approximately 5 percent of the total token supply.

5. Hackers Steal Massive Funds From AltsBit Exchange

AltsBit, the cryptocurrency exchange announced about the attack of an anonymous hacker which resulted in the loss of nearly all funds on its platform. The Exchange notified that the stolen holdings include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Pirate coin, and Verus Coin. The small number of funds that were stored in the cold wallet was secured.

6. Open Interest In Bakkt's Bitcoin Futures Jumped To High Records

In the last two weeks, Open Interest has shown a dramatic change by rising from $5.5 million to $13 million, i.e. a rise of 13.6 percent. The open positions of Bakkt's bitcoin futures on Chicago based Merchantile Exchange raised from $185 million(two weeks ago) to $249 million (present-day) i.e. 34.5 percent.

7. Ethereum Based Smart Contract Created In Memorial Of Coronavirus Whistleblower

someone created an Ethereum smart contract having source codes in the shape of the monument. The Monument contract is created in the memorial of Dr Li Wenliang, who warned everyone of China’s coronavirus outbreak even before 2020.

8. Coronavirus Outbreak Stalls Crypto Mining Operations in China

China has taken a series of measurements following the outbreak of Coronavirus. Authorities recently forced a mining farm in a remote region to shut down its operation. According to the farm’s CEO, Jiang Zhuoer’s post, mining farms are shutting down across the country.

9. SEC Commissioner Proposes Safe Harbour Period for Crypto Startups

Hester Peirce, Commissioner at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) formally proposed a safe harbour period of three years for the cryptocurrency startups in the United States. The proposal would aid the crypto community to raise the money and build their business without worrying about regulatory laws.

10. Tron Founder Finally Meets Billionaire Warren Buffett For Charity Lunch

Justin Sun, the CEO and founder of Tron, finally got to meet with famous billionaire Warren Buffett after several postponements in 2019. Sun dined with Buffett at Happy Hollow Club, a private, not-for-profit country club in Omaha on January 23.

Only Headlines

1. Nevada Based Prime Trust To Arrange Banking For BlockQuake Customers

2. Hut 8’s Stock Dwindles as CEO Andrew Kiguel Steps Down

3. Digital Payment Platform Paystand Raises $20 Million In Series B Funding

4. Japan Court Convicts Coinhive Operator In Crypto Mining Case

5. Cryptocurrency Trading Pioneer Rena Yared Exits Goldman Sachs

6. Australian Government Releases National Blockchain Roadmap

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