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1. Singapore Declares New AML Rules For Cryptocurrency Businesses

The Payment Services Act 2019 of Singapore (PSA) has announced Digital Payment Token (DPT) services which will cover all cryptocurrency exchanges and businesses located in Singapore under prevailing counter-terrorist-financing (CTF) and anti-money laundering (AML) rules.

2. Saudi Aramco Invests $5 Million In Blockchain Trade Platform VAKT

Vakt has recently announced that Saudi Aramco Energy Venture (SAEV), a state oil company of Saudi Arabia, has invested $5 million to become a shareholder in the company. Vakt is a platform that eliminates the paper-based process and manual accounting practices so that it could provide a smooth trade to the energy transactions.

3. Liquidity Offset Network Launches OTC Counterparty Service Platform

institutional Digital Asset Platform, Liquidity Offset Network ( has launched OTSafe, a central counterparty service for OTC traders. They claimed OTSafe would help on-the-counter players manage collateral requirements and reduce credit risk.

4. Standard Chartered Invests In Contour Blockchain Network

Standard Chartered declared its investment in a blockchain network, Contour. Standard Chartered has been one of the founding members, and it would continue its collaboration with Contour, which would bring Contour's digital capabilities and expertise to deliver a frictionless and faster experience for clients reaching trade finance.

5. Cardano leveraging with PwC to Commercialize Cardano Blockchain

Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson has stated that he’s influencing the PwC in a bid to Commercialize Cardano Blockchain. Cardano Foundation and IOHk would ponder on ideas to transform the Cardano Blockchain as a commercial model by different firms.

6. Facebook's Libra Governance Model Could Disrupt The Remittance Sector

Dante Disparte, head of Policy and Communications of Libra Association recently commented on the deteriorating state of cross-border remittance services. He stated that there was less competition in the remittance corridors, and the ones that existed were either a big monopolist player or duopoly operator, that controlled the remittance corridors.

7. BCH Miners Rebel Against Recommended BCH Mining Charges

The newly proposed mining charges for BCH network have raised concerns within the cryptocurrency community. Cryptocurrency miners are enraged by the CEO of BTC.Top Jihang Zhouer’s proposal to charge 12.5% of mining charges to support the BCH developers.

8. RBI vs IAMAI Crypto Case Sees an End To Long Drawn Hearing

The ongoing supreme court case filed by the Internet and Mobile Authority of India (IAMAI) against RBI's banking ban for crypto service provider finally saw an end of arguments presented by both the counsels in the case. Both the counsels would present their written submissions by Friday, and a possible date of judgement may be decided after that.

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