Ethereum Is The Top Blockchain Gaming Platform, DappRadar Stats Confirms

Javeria  |  Feb 4, 2020

The blockchain gaming industry is growing in many different ways according to DappRadar Statistics. Unlike what most individuals believe, games have a very high retention rate. The games running on Ethereum were able to maintain their retention rates which depend on the way they interacted with the blockchain. However, the games working on EOS blockchain had lesser retention rate and had to depend on the systemic EIDOS airdrop and were less mature in terms of features.

Blockchain Gaming Needs A Strong Uptick In Retention During 2020

Most of the popular gaming offerings retained over 75% on their user base on the market today. Even the less popular ones have successfully managed to retain over 60% of their users.

However, this doesn’t mean that the decline in user base is balanced as it still can be fatal for many blockchain gaming ventures. There’s one thing that can be said after seeing the stats that good games would always be successful irrespective of underpinning blockchain technology.

The successful non-blockchain games have taught a lesson to blockchain games by building powerful retention features including VIP subscription models and daily, weekly and monthly rewards. Among all the blockchain-based gaming applications, presently Ethereum seems to be on the lead, followed by EOS in second place and Tron and Ontology afterwards.

Blockchain gaming continues to be a niche market given the popularity of the blockchain technology and many features including converting one's game rewards for real-world tokens. The lacking point currently is in attracting user from outside the crypto space. As most of the gaming applications require wallet address in order to leverage blockchain, those not engaged with cryptocurrency are finding it difficult to crack. That can be seen as one of the significant hurdles in the worldwide and widerspread adoption of the crypto industry. Blockchain gamers represent a fraction of crypto user worldwide, which is why regardless of the actual stats.

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