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Updated Crypto Headlines

1. Coinbase Believes Bitcoin Will Become True Store Of Value Post-Halving

As the Bitcoin halving event is coming closer, Coinbase has started a new narrative, “Bitcoin as digital gold.” Coinbase on its twitter handle and blogpost mentioned that halving and subsequent supply rate reduction were the key reasons on why Bitcoin is being linked with digital gold.

2. Hong Kong's First Fully Licensed Crypto Lender is Pawnhub

Pawnhub, a crypto- lending platform is the first to receive a license to increase its crypto-lending services in the country by the Hong Kong Government. After receiving the permit, the firm is now trying to tie up with a leading U.S based cryptocurrency custodians to offer insurance to clients all over the world.

3. Fluree To Develop Blockchain Technology For US Air Force

The US Air Force (USAF) has been planning to test blockchain-based communication platforms, therefore in collaboration with the Department of Defense awarded a contract to a blockchain firm Fluree. The firm has been working with AFWERX, a technology innovation program of the Air Force to introduce DLT.

4. Digital Assets Would Benefit by SEC's Regulatory Changes-Sonnenshein

Managing Director at Grayscale Investment, Michael Sonnenshein, in a recent interview with CNBC, He pinpointed the pros of these regulatory changes when it comes to digital asset ecosystem, particularly for people who are pondering about investing in Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies.

5. Australian Exchanges Will Finally Acknowledge BSV

Australian exchanges have begun to get their act together. A significant Australian exchange, Independent Reserve, has allowed its 120,000 customers to efficiently buy Bitcoin SV directly with Australian Dollar after subsequently listing BSV on their exchange.

6. Robinhood App Eyes UK Market As Advance Sign-up Crosses 60k

An innovative trading app, Robinhood, which earlier brought up a storm in the US (United States) finance world, is now planning to expand its business to the UK (United Kingdom). The app was launched in the year 2015 and allowed its investors to open a savings account. **

7. FTX Crypto Derivative Exchange Launches Digital Token “TRUMP 2020”

FTX, the crypto derivatives exchange has recently launched a futures trading product “ TRUMP 2020” to aid the crypto enthusiasts to bet in the re-election of President Trump in 2020. The newly launched crypto futures contract is of worth $1 on winning of Trump and $0 if he loses the presidential election of 2020.

8. FINMA Updates AML Guidelines for Crypto Exchange Transactions

FINMA, supervisory Authority of Swiss Financial Market came up with new Anti Money Laundering (AML) guidelines to combat tax evasion and money laundering activities. The ordinance is primarily related to regulating the transactions of cryptocurrency exchanges.

9. Jimmy Wales Squashes Rumours of a BSV Tie-UP

Bitcoin SV announced that it would have Jimmy Wales as a keynote speaker at CoinGeek London. Many perceived that BSV payments might make the way to the Wikipedia platform. However, Wales has squashed these rumours quite vehemently

Only Headlines

1. The Missing Cryptoqueen", The Onecoin Story Wins The Screenrights

2. SEC Seek CFTC's Opinion on Telegram's Token Grams

3. Tron Planning To Compete With Ethereum in DeFi Space

4. Greek Authorities Extradite Alexander Vinnik To France


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Amino Network78.95%
Bitex Global XBX Coin72.82%

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Bazooka Token-50.29%
EXMR FDN-28.57%