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Daily Crypto Headlines

1. Poloniex Forced To Roll Back Trades After Error In Update

Poloniex has been forced to roll back its trading activity after an update error was found in its system. On Tuesday, the company stated in a tweet that it had introduced a change which unexpectedly included a bug that caused an error in the execution of trading activities for a short period.

2. Grayscale to Shift Bitcoin Production Outside China

Grayscale Investments could be moving its Bitcoin production out from China. Grayscale's plan to move out of China is coming after the company recently announced it had been approved as a United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reporting company.  

3. Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) Unconfirmed Transactions (Mempool) Spike

The mempool (node’s holding area for unconfirmed pending transactions) of Bitcoin Satoshi Vision(BSV) hiked up to more than 400x in the morning of February 12, 2020. The miners are struggling to pick up the transactions as the mempool is close to half a gigabyte.

4. South Korean Travel Agent Caught Up In $3 Billion PlusToken Scam

A travel agent from South Korea has recently been caught up in the $3 billion PlusToken scam. Seo Jin-ho, belonging from South Korea, had spent an amount of US$86,000 in cryptocurrency and PlusToken, a bitcoin trading platform before authorities found that it was a crypto scam.

5. Coronavirus Outbreak Stagnates Bitcoin’s Mining Difficulty

Bitcoin miners have to pause the mining process due to lack of upgradation of equipment after the outbreak of Coronavirus in China which in turn has led to lowering of mining difficulty. Recently the level was adjusted to 0.52 per cent, which is a significant drop from the rates of January.

6. Global Crypto Market Cap Breaks $300B For The First Time In Six Month

The cryptocurrency market showed renewed optimism in the past six months, going past $300 billion in just six months for the first time in overall market capitalization. Not only the leading cryptocurrency but other altcoins have seen to break out their lows after December.

7. Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson Giving Stablecoin a Thought

The Weiss rating agency, renowned for analyzing global financial markets,(crypto included) has published a tweet that Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano, with Ada as its basis, is eyeing to launch a stablecoin on Cardano with mechanical similarities with DAI.

8. Tether Adds Chainalysis AML Compliance Tools To Track Suspicious Transactions

Tether and the blockchain forensics firm Chainalysis announced its partnership today. Tether will make use of Chainalysic anti-money laundering tools and would apply it's Know your transactions tools for token issuers. This would allow the firm to track and quickly understand the risks associated with each token holder.

9. Indian Authorities Indicts Crypto Dark Web Narcotics Dealer

In an investigation led by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), Indian authorities have arrested their first dark web cryptocurrency drug dealer.  The drug dealer allegedly supplied thousands of psychotropic drugs tablets globally. In return, he received payment using crypto assets to puzzle the authorities.

10. Oldest State-Owned Bank in Egypt Joins RippleNet

The National Bank of Egypt (NBE), the country’s largest and oldest bank has entered an agreement with Ripple’s blockchain-based payments network RippleNet. NBE is planning to use RippleNet’s cross border payments technology to increase remittances within Egypt. 

11. Outlaw Hacking Group is Back Stealing Crypto after Several Months of Layoff

In a recent blog post, Trend Micro reported that a group of hackers by the name Outlaw is back after several months of inactivity. Moreover, the group is using upgraded malware to attack servers with weak security levels, to steal crypto assets.

12. Perth Glory To Be Sold To London Football Exchange

Tony Sage, the owner of Perth Glory, closed the deal to hand over the majority of his stake in the A-League club to London Football Exchange Tony waited for the right deal to protect the heritage of Glory. He comforted the fans by assuring that club’s name, colours and heritage will be preserved. 

13. Crypto Proponent Andrew Yang Ends His Presidential Campaign

Cryptocurrency supporter Andrew Yang suspended his political campaign in New Hampshire this Tuesday. Yang, who entered the campaign in November 2017 was the only candidate in full support of regulating cryptocurrency use. 

Only Headlines

1. SecuX's First Crypto Payment Solution Will Help Multiple Retail Scenarios

2. Cred Partners With Litecoin (LTC) Foundation To Support Altcoins

3. Bitcoin's Futures Trading Rose To $3 Trillion In 2019

4. People of China Only Fancy And Value BSV- Ella Qiang

5. SEC Charges U.S. Businessman For A Crypto Fraud Scheme

6. Bitpay Partners With Poynt To Bring Crypto Payments To The Mainstream

7. Riot Blockchain Receives Additional 1,060 S17 Pro Antminers From Bitmain

8. United States Congressman Questions the Threat of China CBDC

Top Crypto Gainers of the Day

1Bazooka Token216.43%
2Fox Trading137.46%
4Machine Xchange Coin102.21%
5Cosmo Coin91.39%

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