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Daily Crypto News Headlines by Cryptoknowmics

1. Cryptocurrency-Linked Bank Accounts in Russia May Be Frozen

Russian Central Bank is upside down on cryptocurrency and recently hinted at the blocking of bank accounts which are linked to virtual assets. The Central Bank of Russia will be clarifying the signals which may allow the banks to act on suspicious accounts.

2. HashCash-Global Media House Come Together For News Authenticity and Provenance

As per the latest announcement, HashCash Consultants has collaborated with the Global Media Company so that they could provide authenticated news via blockchain. According to the reports, the project would address the issues related to fake news, like what’s the origin of the news, its source, etc.

3. TON Developers Worldwide Unite Against SEC’s Telegram Case

A group of developers and investors of the Telegram Open Network (TON) have written to the court criticizing the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) attack on the project. The group of about 2,000 participants formed a non-profit association dubbed “The TON Community Foundation.” 

4. Latest Chiliz Partnership Aims to Bring Sports Tokens to NFL, MLB

Chiliz has brokered another new partnership with major marketing agency Lagardere Sports and Entertainment. Chiliz announced the new deal through a blog post on Monday Feb.17. The latest partnership could see American sports fans using blockchain-based tokens to link with their favourite sports team.

5. Bitcoin Cash Network Looks Set For Another Hard Fork

An updated version of the miner Infrastructure Plan has recently been published by Bitcoin ABC’s developer Amaury Sechet. Although the miner tax introduced by the founder of BTC.TOP, Jiang Zhuoer got the confirmation, it also created a controversy in the Bitcoin Cash Community, which might lead to another hard-fork.

6. Tickets for UEFA EURO 2020 to be Issued via Blockchain Mobile Ticketing System

Tickets for the Union of European Football Association (UEFA) EURO 2020 will reportedly be distributed using blockchain technology. As reported by Independent on February 17, the tickets will be shared with fans through a ground-breaking new state-of-the-art mobile ticketing system based on blockchain.

7. India Ready To Embrace Blockchain For The Voting System

According to the latest news, the Election Commission of India has been reported to join hands with IIT Madras, a premier engineering college, to work on using blockchain for the voting system to improve voter turnout, in a nation where more than 84% of citizens move from one state to another.

8. Binance Applies For Operating License In Singapore

One of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, Binance Holdings Ltd., might soon get an operating license in Singapore, as it (crypto exchange) has applied for the license under a new payment law formulated by the Singapore Government.

9. DeFi Lending Protocol bZx Halts Fulcrum Trading Platform Amid Contract Exploitation

bZx, a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol that allows users to lend and trade with margin and leverage, announced on February 16, it has taken down its Fulcrum trading platform for maintenance after an exploit was executed against bZx protocol.

10. Binance CEO Rubbishes Claims That Exchanges Can Manipulate Prices

Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao, one of the most prominent names in the cryptocurrency world, recently chimed on twitter. He put out a thread that delves into the details of the above-mentioned matter. He says that if exchanges had the authority to manipulate the price of BTC, it would keep mounting.

Only Headlines:

1. Bithumb Korea And Join Hands To Boost Global Expansion

2. Andrew Yang’s “See You In New York” Declaration Keeping Crypto Community Hopeful

3. CEO Hoskinson Discusses What Silicon Valley Can Offer Cardano

4. Central Bank Of Russia Ready To Offer Tokenized Assets

5. Fullerton Integrates Support for Cryptocurrency Deposits and Withdrawals

6. Bitmain's Market Shares Chipped Out by MicroBT

7. Crypto Gamers Spend $1 Million on Purchasing Virtual Land

8. DeFi's Aim For Absolute Decentralization a Bit Daft-Charlie Lee

9. Towo Labs Suggests Update To Trezor And Ledger Wallets

Top Crypto Gainers of the Day

3PlayCoin [QRC20]56.69%
4Filecoin [Futures]39.42%

Top Crypto Losers of the Day

2Acute Angle Cloud-53.42%
3SIRIN LABS Token-28.32%

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